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When we create for the web, we participate in a kind of public art. We code, we design, we build for an audience, and our work feels successful when—if—it’s met with their delight. We shape digital experiences that create joy or that simply connect readers with words written half a world away.

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“Easy taps the pool of talent and ideas out there that were turned ofby hard" —Chris Anderson
Guy Hundere is a computer programmer on the cutting edge of 3D game design.
If your work doesn't define who you are, then what does?
The future is already here, it's just not evenly distributed.< /figcaption>
“When Web design is practiced as a craft, and not a consolation,accessibility comes for free.”
As satisfying as I find working in ink to be, it'still not enough.
This was a series I did in the 90's called Head Stories. Onof many ways to use photography to explore the window into the soul idea.
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